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Know Your Grow.

  • Garden view provides a quick overview of all your plants.
  • Detailed plant profile including photos, genetics, growth timeline and all activities.
  • Calendar shows activities for one or all of your plants.

Garden Mangement Simplified.

Use Tubucu™ to track and manage your garden from seedling to harvest. Create a unique profile for each plant, with photos, genetic info, current growth stage and more. Track all your activities including feed/water, training, defoliation, light/timing changes, location, etc. - all from an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly app.

Tubucu™ is free during our public Beta. Sign up now and start managing your grow like a pro.


Tools to make managing your garden a snap.

Garden View

See your whole garden in photo or list view. Quickly isolate plants by strain, location, growth stage or needs attention. Add new plants.

Plant Profile

Add photos. View this plant's growth timeline. Track this plant's activities including feed/water events (with nutrient details), light/timing changes, location changes, container changes, training and defoliation.

Profile Sharing

Easily share your plant's profile with other growers to get help or just show off your botany skills.


View activities for a single plant or your whole garden in a convenient calendar.


Organize your own lists of nutrients, lights, locations, and containers. Quickly see which plants have used a given item. Browse our ever-growing database of strains and add your own custom strains.

Coming Soon

Stuff we're working on.


Schedule feed/water and other activity reminders and get notified when it's time to take action.


Get insight on what's working and what isn't. See how your garden compares to others.


Connect directly with other growers to share information, techniques and opinions.

Tubucu Mobile

Tubucu is already mobile browser friendly, but we're at work on a dedicated mobile app to further enhance your experience.

Tubucu Enterprise

Tubucu for business! Manage multiple users and multiple gardens.
Plant growth stages

Private and Secure

Your garden is your business. And your privacy is important to us. Your data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption and transmitted via the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol at all times. All you need to register is a valid email address, and we'll never share your email with any third party.

Your privacy and security are important
About Tubucu

* No, we don't have a heliport on top of our office building, but hey, wishful thinking!

About Us

We're long-time software developers and artists turned growers. As we began our botanical journey, we scoured the Interwebs, searching for tools to help us manage our own gardens. But we came up empty. Necessity being the mother of invention, Tubucu was born.

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